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Would you like a place to talk online with other men where your identity is guaranteed to be protected from all who would wish to find out who you are?

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The experience of ManBook.Biz clearly demonstrated that western women, and many western men, do not respect the right of men to freedom of speech and freedom of association. That many thousands of people attacked the site and criticised myself for putting the site up was ridiculous. Women demand men respect “womens rights” but women and men have no problems violating the rights of men.

Secret Mens Business is a site that will guarantee the protection of the identity of its members. Men can come to the site and speak openly and freely. Naturally lies and slander are not welcome. We expect manly behaviour on the site. I shall be the sole person responsible for deciding if a members subscription will be cancelled.

Of course, to run a site like this as a service does cost money and take time. This is not intended as a “free service”. We are charging a processing fee for the registration because we will sign and file the contract that you complete.

We will also charge a nominal AUD20 per annum subscription fee to cover the costs of the site and the costs of our time to maintain the site and monitor the activity on the site.

For those who wish to write to us and complain we are charging a fee? If having a place to speak freely where you will not be censored and you will not be subject to identification and attack by women who do not respect your right to freedom of speech or freedom of association is not worth AUD20 per year to you? Then you are putting very little value on your right to freedom of speech and freedom of association. Just stick with fascist book. I am sure that will work just fine for you, ok?

The other reason for charging for this service is that it is clear from the experience of ManBook that women will try and infiltrate Secret Mens Business. There are enough men who are mangina enough to open accounts for women on mens only sites. So if some man is mangina enough to commit perjury on his Registration Agreement and give his access details to a woman? Then the woman will have to pay for the privilege of being on the site as an unwelcome intruder. This will help pay for the site and it will make the service cheaper for everyone else. We will do out best to keep the site free of women without making the registration process to onerous for men.

If you even want to hide your IP Address from prying eyes at the NSA? We use and recommend Private Internet Access. With the combination of Private Internet Access and Secret Mens Business you can be sure that you are speaking where no one can find out who you are.

You can buy an annual subscription to Private Internet Access on this link.

We will be giving some gratis memberships to those men who have been supportive of my efforts over the years. That is my way of saying thank you to those men. All those men that I have asked for help and refused to help my colleagues and I? You will have to pay if you want to be a member of the site. It is only fair and reasonable since you refused to help us when politely asked.

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