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Would you like to buy some charity for men in great need? Men who have worked hard to secure the rights of the children of your land and who have been persecuted for being brave enough to do so?

Then feel free to buy some charity. This is an Australian dollar website so we suggest you only buy charity for men in Australia to save currency conversion fees.

You can let us know which man you would like it to go to or you can simply chip in and we will make sure that 100% of your purchase (minus bank fees) goes to a man who really needs the helping hand.

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We are yet to formally announce our Charity Services. When we do we will release a video to place on this page.

The overall idea is to create a central collection point for Charity for men who are in need. The Charity money that is offered via this collection process will go to the person named by the person giving Charity.

We will put up on our Charity page various deserving men who are in great need of assistance. We, the MBA, will ensure that they are honest men of honour and integrity who are in great need and not scammers.

Usually, the men that we will ask for Charity for will be men who have been labouring for a very long time for the benefit of those who are less fortunate than them. They can tell you their own story in their own videos.

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We are using the term “Charity” instead of “Donation” because we all know men do not “Donate” money to men in need. We believe the word “Charity” is a better word to use. The idea is to encourage men AND WOMEN to give “Charity” to a man in need whether it be for himself or for the project that he has undertaken for the benefit of others.

Please note this site is in Australia dollars and using an Australian dollar Pay Pal.  So we recommend for the time being that you only use this offer for men you know are in Australia. If this is successful we will make the site multi-currency and multi-country.

Let us hope that few more men AND WOMEN with money to spare will choose to provide some Charity to those men who are in great need.

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