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Joschua Boehm

Answer Questions of Internet Users


Want to learn from the master?

Want your questions answered without having to spend a great deal of time reading books or watching videos?

This service is for you!! You can ask Peter/Joschua questions via email or skype for USD20 per 15 minute blocks or USD60 per hour.

This is about 5 times less than the rate you would expect to pay a lawyer, and the lawyer will only tell you lies!

Take advantage of the 4,000 hours of research and experience Peter/Joschua has put in for a nominal fee.

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Product Description

A lot of people I meet on the internet ask me questions. They never offer to pay me for my time in answering these questions. This offering is to point out to these people that I agree with the “equal payment for equal work” concept. I support the concept of “pay for performance”. I support the concept that when a man or a woman has worked hard and invested their time in gaining knowledge, skills and experience, when someone else wants to avail of that experience then they are required to pay for the benefit of not having to gain those skills, knowledge and experience for themselves.

For example? I support the idea that we must pay for doctors, electricians, plumbers, car mechanics etc. I even support the idea that we must pay for taxi drivers even though driving a taxi is a fairly low level skill that men can master will little formal training.

In this spirit? I am putting up this offering to allow people to offer to pay me for my time when asking me questions. My fee is very reasonable. It is USD20 per 15 minute blocks or USD60 per hour. This service is paid for in advance. The way I will answer questions is in writing via email or via skype. You can choose.  My skype is peternolan9. My email is peter@peternolan.com. All such skype conversations will be recorded and you will be emailed the recording for your future reference.

If you do not wish to pay me for my time to answer your questions? You are welcome to review any of these links below. They contain vast amounts of information that is freely available.

It is your job to educate yourself. There is plenty of material here for you to learn from. If you wish to augment your education by asking me direct questions and availing of my time? This is the offer for you!

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15 Minutes, One Hour


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