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I just spent 19 days in jail in Germany standing up for YOUR rights.

If you think that paying me USD1 for each day in jail is a reasonable price for me spending my time in jail standing up for the rights of all men everywhere then please click on the “add to cart” button now.

If you think it is worth more? You can buy multiple units!

I think USD19 for 19 days in jail is a very fair price to ask men to pay for my time. Don't you?

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Product Description

The background to my jail time was this. I claimed the right to live and work on the land of Germany properly back in 2010 in anticipation that the Irish Government would not give me citizenship because I published the crimes of the Irish Family Courts and the government.

This was all served on Angela Merkel as head of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Since Angela refused to respond to the claim I issued a default notice.

When she refused to respond to the default notice I deliberately over-stayed a 90 day automatic visa to force a court meeting.

At that court meeting I challenged the customs officer, and the judge, to present proof that the legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany had any jurisdiction over me. Since they could not prove that the judge found me “guilty” absent any evidence that the legislation applied to me.

To try and intimidate me the judge offered an EUR800 fine for pleading guilty or a EUR16,000 fine/20 days in jail for denying the guilty verdict. This was clear intimidation which can be seen from the transcript.

I denied the guilty verdict because I was not guilty.

I latter corresponded with all involved in an effort to get them to confirm they would respect my claim of right to live, work and travel on the land of Germany. Two and a half years later? I figure they are going to ignore me. Nope. Two cops arrive at my door and get two of their uniformed buddies to cuff me and drag me off to jail.

So now I need to go about the process of demonstrating this was a criminal act and gaining compensation for the crimes committed against me.

In the meantime? I think it is only reasonable to ask for USD19 for my 19 days in jail to help me pay my food and rent while I am being criminally persecuted.

You can get more details about my time in jail here in Germany from the following 2 hour video.


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