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Charity for Law Services


Do you care enough about other men to buy them some charity for legal/lawful representation when they are in serious trouble?

If so? You can buy charity for one hour of re-presentation per each AUD60 you are willing to pay in to the charity.

All money that is paid in to this service will be used to re-present men who are in serious legal/lawful difficulties.

Product Description

Men make up 90% of prison populations in the western world. It is most serious in places like the USA where prisons have been privatised and there is a profit motive to put men in prison.

We all know that judges are getting kickbacks to put men in prison. Lawyers are not about to cross judges who are determined to put a man in prison to get his kickback. The whole situation is a total disgrace. Legal aid for men is a joke. Men are railroaded in to prisons every day of the week.

We also know that in the family courts the women lie their heads off and this is condoned, even encouraged. Men get railroaded in the family law courts every day of the week. Men have no chances in the Family Law courts because of the criminal nature of the courts.

If men want a Law Services for men in great need then they are going to have to fund it themselves. The taxes men pay are not going to be used to help keep men out of prisons because that is not in the governments interests. Perhaps men should stop paying taxes since they are not being used to the benefit of men anywhere nearly as much as they are being used to the benefit of “women and children”.

This service offering proposes that men who wish to fund one or more Law Services counselors can do so by buying charity for such men at the rate of AUD60 per hour. There will be a paypal fee applied to the AUD60. The result is what will be paid per hour to Law Services counselors such as Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c).


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