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Charity for Suicide Prevention


Do you care about other men enough to chip in for a suicide prevention counselor to be available to men in need?

If so? You can buy charity that will pay for the time of men to call and talk to men who have self identified as being at risk of suicide.

You can buy this charity in multiples of AUD60 using the units button below.

All money that is sent to MBA via this purchase will be used solely for suicide prevention counselling.

Product Description

Male suicide is at an all time high across the western world. This comes as no surprise to me because men are hated on in the west. Men are treated like 4th class citizens in the west. Women routinely commit crimes against men with complete impunity and the men have no path to justice.

Governments ignore male suicide. They do not even count the number of men who kill themselves as a result of the criminal victimisation of the family law courts. Men can not expect that their governments will help them at all. Governments are there to exploit men for the benefit of themselves by claiming they are working for the “women and children”.

If men want a suicide prevention service to help other men get out of the place of being suicidal? They are going to have to fund it themselves. Perhaps men should stop paying taxes and fund these services with their former taxes. Because you can be sure that such taxes would not be used to help men anyway.

This service offering proposes that men who wish to fund one or more suicide prevention counselors can do so by buying charity for such men at the rate of AUD60 per hour. There will be a paypal fee applied to the AUD60. The result is what will be paid per hour to suicide counselors such as Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c).


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