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SOML14 – Background to Divorce


If you would like the downloadable podcast version of this story of my life detailing the facts of the leadup to my my divorce so that you know the truth? Just click on the add to cart button below.

Product Description

Many women, and not a few men, like to tell lies about me and tell lies about my divorce. This podcast sets the record straight in voice as a podcast. You can listen to it on you tube or you can buy the podcast for USD5 and download it to a personal device.

Of course the USD5 is your small donation towards my cost of living, not so much the purchase price of the podcast. The podcast is 2 hours and 48 minutes so it is rather a long podcast which consumes a bit of bandwidth for the download.

The download is a zip file that contains 3 mp3s to make it easier to put onto a personal device.


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