A Statement on Co-Operation at A-MAN-ZON


A Statement on Co-Operation at A-MAN-ZON!

I am reading this off a script because I want it to be exactly right. I also want it to be in writing to post to our blogs.

In May 2013 I released a video aimed at men in the man-o-sphere who had put in the time and effort to build audiences. I proposed that we should all co-operate and collaborate for the mutual benefit of all. A part of the proposal was that those men who joined in and decided to co-operate and collaborate would be compensated by a commission on sales for their subscribers who came in to the A-MAN-ZON world. This was entirely voluntary. If a man did not wish to take a commission for promoting A-MAN-ZON he was free to turn that down. If you would like to watch this video you are welcome to do so on this link.

As per usual men chose to compete and tear each other down over and above co-operating and collaborating for their mutual benefit. This is now standard for men in the west. They are so brainwashed in to the “scarcity paradigm” that they can have no concept of the “abundance paradigm”. Men in the west will absolutely refuse to co-operate and collaborate on ANY level unless there are severe penalties for not doing so. Men in the west are, quite simply, mentally incapable of understanding the concept of the “abundance paradigm” and they will refuse to participate in such a paradigm no matter how beneficial it is to them.

Men in the west would prefer to live in poverty, in persecution, in slavery, rather than co-operate and collaborate with other men for mutual benefit. The man hatred between men is so severe, men would rather die than be helped by other men. Men would rather see other men die than help them. The latest example of this is Robin Williams. Robin committed suicide, in part, because of his endless harassment by the family courts and the endless demands for alimony with the threat of incarceration.

Guess what? No one helped Robin Williams. His problems were very well known. Millions of men knew about his problems. And yet NOT ONE MAN HELPED HIM! After he was dead LOTS of men waxed lyrical about how much they loved him. But in life? They spurned him and did not help him.

Since this is going in to a video I just want to say this again for emphasis.

In the west men hate other men so much that when a man is suicidal no other man will step forward and help him. When a man is clearly in distress no other man will step forward and help him. In the west, men would rather tear down and abuse other men so as to “lift” themselves. Men are so entrenched in the “scarcity paradigm” they think that every other man they can destroy is a step forward for themselves. Every other man they can allow to be destroyed is a step forward for themselves.

Men do not like this unpleasant truth being pointed out to them. They deny they hate other men citing the fact they give “free advice” to men in need. This “free advice” is invariably worse than useless. When men are hungry, homeless, desperately in need? Other men will give them “free advice” on how they should not have finished up in this place. They will not give the man shelter, food, love, compassion and support. Nope. Those things are reserved EXCLUSIVELY FOR WOMEN.

If a woman is homeless, or hungry, or in desperate need? There is no end to the line of men who will offer her shelter, food, love, compassion and support. Indeed? Men will throw money at the tax man to build more “women’s shelters”.

The sad fact, that has been proven beyond all argument, is that men hate other men so much that they will not lift a finger to help a man in need no matter what that man has done for other men, no matter how good a man that man is, no matter how many men he asks for help. This is a sad fact proven beyond all doubt by my case.


In the face of this man-hatred that is being expressed by other men the way in which the Mens Business Association will be run will be slightly altered. I had founded the Mens Business Association based on the vision that it would be possible to convince men that we are not living in a “zero sum world”. I had believed it was possible to get the message across to men that if they co-operated and collaborated, if they put their energies into being constructive and making the world a better place, then they would be able to create a better world than if they hated on each other and tore each other down. That if they co-operated and collaborated the possibilities were greater and better than if they hated on each other and attacked each other and spent their energies being hateful and destructive.

Men, in their tens of thousands, perhaps as many as 100,000+, chose, in full knowledge, to pursue the path of hatred, competition, destruction and decimation of other men. They chose criticism, lies, slander, condemnation. They chose to tear each other down rather than build each other up. This is not refutable and is well documented in my case as well as the cases of many others.

Since men, when presented with the opportunity to co-operate and collaborate, chose, instead, hatred, criticism, condemnation, lies, deceit, slander and endless attacks? A-MAN-ZON will reflect this cultural norm until such time as men have had enough of hating each other and the cultural norm is such that men care about other men just as much as men care about women today.

But until that time? A-MAN-ZON will operate on the “scarcity paradigm” and will operate on the paradigm of competition. Men who are sellers on A-MAN-ZON are welcome to vigorously compete with men who take the position that women are above the law and can commit crimes against men with impunity. Men like this man.


I have made this the main theme, the main reason, why a man would like to buy a product or service from A-MAN-ZON. Because Jeff Bezos is a man-hater who openly supports women committing crimes against men.

If a man wants to buy products or services from Jeff Bezos? A man who openly supports and condones women committing crimes against men? Then that man is welcome to do so. He can, however, have no complaint when he is the NEXT MAN whose life is destroyed in the family law courts. After all? When given a choice between supporting the concept that women are accountable for their crimes using his wallet? He chose to buy from a man who openly takes the position men are not worthy of the protection of the law, Jeff Bezos.

A-MAN-ZON will be a “politically incorrect” store. A store where men who choose to fight back against those men who consider women above the law and men have no protection of the law can buy politically incorrect products and services as their statement that they denounce those men who hate other men.

I had hoped that we would not have to take this path of denouncing man-hating men like Jeff Bezos. I had hoped that those men who are very wealthy and who have the ability to influence tens of thousands of employees through their company policies would peacefully and respectfully take the position that men are people too. That men are entitled to the protection of the law too.

In pursuit of this I have been in contact with such men as Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Sergy Brin and Mark Zuckerberg. I have pointed out to them the sexist and discriminatory nature of the products, services and support they provide. Such men have seen fit to spurn my communications.

I have also approached all the men in politics I could find the emails for in the USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand. About 1,500 of them or so I would believe. To a one these men are unwilling to make any statement about women being held equal before the law. They are unwilling to make any statement as to whether men should be given the protection of the law by the governments they are members of.


This is the level of MAN-HATRED that is tolerated by men in the west. It is pervasive. It is not “just the politicians” etc. It is “everyman”. In the west it is “everyman” who hates other men so much they will not give another man the help he might need. Indeed, the brainwashing is so severe that the vast majority of men in desperate need will not even ask for help knowing that it will not be forthcoming no matter how much in need the man is.


As a result of this pervasive man-hatred that men are in no mood to deal with and transform? A-MAN-ZON will be based on creating a second economy that is destructive of the first economy. We will make it our business to attack and destroy the first economy and we will impoverish as many men, and women, as possible in the first economy because those who run the first economy are man-haters of the first degree.

Man-haters like Barack Obama, David Cameron, Enda Kenny, Tony Abbot, Stephen Harper.

Man-haters like Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Sergy Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Larry Elison, just to name a few.

The list of man-haters in politics, business, banking and the law society is endless.

These men have been told often enough that they are supporting man-hating policies in their governments, their banks, their businesses. It is time to fire a shot across the bow and let these men know that their man-hatred is not appreciated. It is time to establish businesses that will attack the governments and businesses of these man-haters. It is time to take the fight up to these man-haters.

The way we will do that, in the first instance, is to do it peacefully and committedly. Despite our lacking the advantage of scale, we will create businesses that directly compete with the governments and businesses of these man-haters.

We will encourage men to buy from these businesses.

We will encourage men to denounce these man-haters.

We will encourage men to denounce those who do business with these man-haters.


We will continue to do this until every man who is in politics or who is running a major business has issued a personal statement over his signature that he takes the position that men are people too and are entitled to the protection of the law.

We will do this until all the men in politics and leading major businesses take the pledge that they support equality before the law and will personally sit on juries to hold criminal women accountable for their crimes. We will denounce these men until these men lead by example. Until they show the world that they take the position a man who is the victim of a crime of a woman should have a publicly supported path to justice.

And even after that happens? I would encourage men to never, ever, ever buy products or services from these men and their companies as punishment for being so intransigent for so long. Allow the women and the manginas to buy the products and services of men who once so stoutly stood for the idea that women are above the law.

Those men who believe that these men should NEVER have taken that position? I will encourage them to buy from A-MAN-ZON for ever more. I will encourage them to create a second economy to provide jobs and income for those of us who were brave enough to stand against insurmountable odds and take on the governments, legal fraternity, banks, and businesses of these man who have proven themselves such man-haters over such a long period.

The level of success of A-MAN-ZON will be a direct expression of how much men in the man-o-sphere wish to fight back against the man-haters in politics, law, banking and business.

If men in the man-o-sphere continue to spend their hard earned money with the likes of Jeff Bezos? They can have no complaints that they continue to be persecuted by criminal politicians, criminal legal fraternity, criminal banksters and criminal businessmen.

To continue to do business with men who HATE YOU and who openly support the notion that you are not entitled to the protection of the law is pure insanity. If you choose to pursue such insane actions? I wish you good luck with that because you are going to need it.


You want to fight back against these man-haters? You want someone to show you how?

A-MAN-ZON:  That is how you fight back. One sale at a time.

If you choose to fight back? If you choose to send a message to these criminal men in politics, law, banking and business?

Buy from A-MAN-ZON.

Build the second economy one sale at a time.

Vote with your wallet.

A-MAN-ZON: THE politically incorrect store for MEN.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©


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