Hello and welcome to our new video introduction for A-MAN-ZON!


Hello and welcome to our new video introduction for A-MAN-ZON!

I am reading this off a script because I want it to be exactly right. I also want it to be in writing to post to our blogs.

This video introduction is for men who would like to buy products and services from A-MAN-ZON. For those of you who want to be sellers we will make another up to date video.

Firstly? I want to deal with the inevitable criticism of “a talking head intro is boring, sex it up a bit”.

We are not going to waste money on “glitzy marketing” here at A-MAN-ZON. Glitzy marketing has to be paid for in the price of the product. If you want “glitzy marketing” where you pay for the price of the marketing in the product? You are welcome to shop at Amazon and give Jeff Bezos your hard earned? Ok?

If you think you can do a better video? Then by all means do one and send it over! We can put it on a blog entry and we can see how many views it gets! Ok?

If you have a “suggestion”? Then how about you follow up on it yourself and contribute the finished result to the A-MAN-ZON community, Ok? There are lots of things men could contribute to the site such as graphic design, a new logo, as well as promoting A-MAN-ZON across the man-o-sphere.

Now. On to the topic that should be on your mind. You should be asking yourself this question.

“Why would I buy anything from A-MAN-ZON”?

The answer is simple.

Jeff Bezos is a man-hater.  He is not going to change any time soon.

Jeff Bezos has never made any public comment on his companies policy with respect to women who commit perjury to falsely accuse men, to rob them in the family courts of their children, or who make other false claims against men in order to victimise them.

Jeff Bezos employs many women who have committed perjury in the family courts.

Jeff Bezos continues to employ them and give them money to pay lawyers to continue to criminally victimize men.

Jeff Bezos has absolutely now qualms about employing women who are known to be criminals and who criminally victimizing men.

If you want to spend your hard earned with Jeff Bezos and help him pay women criminally victimize men? Then you are welcome to do so. You know where Amazon is.

If you want to send Jeff Bezos a message? If you want to tell him that it’s not ok to pay women who are criminals and give them more money to enable them to commit more crimes against men?

Then buy from A-MAN-ZON.

We take the radical position that men are people too.

We take the radical position that when a man is a victim of a crime he is entitled to remedy for that crime even if the criminal is a woman! Shock! Horror!

We take the radical position of equality before the law for women and men meaning, very specifically, the same crime gets the same remedy regardless of the sex of the victim or the perpetrator because the injury, harm or loss is the same.

Every dollar, euro, pound, franc or peso you spend at A-MAN-ZON is a message to Jeff Bezos.

“We do not want to buy from a man-hater!”

“We want to buy from honest men of honour and integrity who stand for truth, justice and equality before the law!”

That is why you would want to spend your hard earned here.

Because by doing so you will send a message to Jeff Bezos and his ilk.

You will be supporting the process of securing the rights of men and boys.

Every seller here will be required to take the position that men and women are to be treated as equal before the law.

So? You want to “fight back” against the “war on men and boys”?

You want a place where you can buy “politically incorrect” products and services?

Here we are.

A-MAN-ZON: THE politically incorrect store for MEN.


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